Saturday, September 22, 2018

And even more rudder assembly....

After 12 hours of flyin work, I started tonight by squeezing the skin to spar flange rivets.  The 4” no hole yoke is the man for the job!

I worked from the center back and forth, alternating left and right sides to prevent warping the whole assembly.

All done with those rivets.  This is a cool shot that shows it all remains straight.

Left side done.

Right side done.

Next the counterbalance rib gets blind riveted to the spar.

2 pop rivets done!

Counterbalance rib to skin rivets on left side going in.  Have to leave the last three out for now.

Left side done.

Time to grit my teeth and rivet the trialing edge rivets.  It is straight at this point....

I started by squeezing the rivets only part way with two flat sets.  This just locks everything together.  I started in the middle and skipped every ten holes or so and worked to the end.  Then went back and caught the middle hole that was remaining.  Rinse and repeat till all the holes had a rivet.  Trying to keep it straight!

Here you can see the slightly squeezed rivets.

Then I ground two new flat sets at the trailing edge angle and then final squeezed the rivets.  As you can see, this worked really well.  These are the shop heads!  Trailing edge is done!

As you can see, it ended up very straight.  I am happy happy happy with it!

Next is rolling the leading edges.  Mostly the pipe is to get it started but the real shapping happens by working it with your hands.
Here they are all bent and clecoed.  Some minor massaging took place after this pic.

Then, drill to #30, debur and reflect with 1/8” clecos.

Then install the blind rivets...there are a bunch of them!

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