Thursday, November 1, 2018

Disassembly Time

Totally disassembled both elevators to prep for deburring and priming.

More elevator skin match reaming

Match reamed the bottom skins to the elevator skeleton.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Elevator skin match reaming

Just match reamed the top skin to both elevator skeletons.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

More elevator skeleton prep....

 Match reamed this little gusset on both left and right root ribs to the rear spar.
Left side.
 Right side.

 Then I cleco'ed on the outboard shear clip on both sides.

 Next the counterbalance rib assemblies go on both sides.  This is a tight fit up near the front spar.  Lots of intersecting parts.  It can only go together one way.

 Then I match reamed the counterbalance rib assemblies to the rear spars.

 Then the front spars.

 More front spar to counterbalance rib assembly holes...

  Next the top skins on both sides get cleco'ed on.

 Marking the AEX trailing edge wedge for cutting.

 Cutting the AEX trailing edge wedge with the bandsaw.

 Clecoing the trailing edge wedge.

 Next is match drilling the folded tabs.  The top skin overlaps the bottom and has a locator hole that gets drilled into the bottom skin.

 Then I match drilled the remaining two holes using the shear clip as a locator for the holes.

 Next I cleco'ed on the elevator horns on both elevators.

 And match drilled them to full #30 size using the horn as a guide.  There are two extra holes aft of the horn web that I have no idea why they are there??? There not the usual tooling holes.  It is a mystery!

Two horns all match drilled and cleco'ed on.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Elevator Skeleton Work

 Match reamed the hinge doublers to the front spar on both elevators.

 Punched out the 5/8" trim cable hole.  Make sure you drill the correct hole!  Used a unibit or step bit.

 Cleco'ed the front spar to the bottom skin on both elevators.

 Added the rib assemblies to the left elevator.

 Added the rib assemblies to the right elevator.

 Cleco'ed the rear spar to both elevators.

 Match reamed the shear clip to the rear spar and matching rib.

 Reamed the outermost holes on the rear spar to full size.

 Match reamed the rear spar to the rib assemblies.

 Match reamed the root rib to the spars.  These are #40 holes on purpose.  Do not drill to #30.

 Match reamed the front spar to the rib assemblies.

Match reamed the trim cable inspection cover doubler to the bottom skins.