Saturday, August 25, 2018

Just a waiting game

Empennage kit is set to deliver Monday.  While waiting I took the time to make another tool.  Made a nice backer board for my backrivet plate.  This is way nicer than what I used to hold it during my RV7 build.

Routed out for the plate and then rounded the edges to prevent skin damage.

Also got a small order from Van’s today.

All of the RV-10 and options plans on a USB stick!  How awesome would that have been back in the RV7 build days!  Uploaded them to Google Drive so I can access them anywhere.

Picked these up as well so that I can go ahead and install them in the tail-cone while it is wide open.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tick tock....waiting

ABF called and said the kit will be here Monday.  Until then, we wait!

Monday, August 20, 2018

DRDT-2 Part 4 and other stuff

Finished mounting the front end kit onto my DRDT-2 frame I built.  Tested it out on some scrap and all looks good!

Cut a piece of 3/4" plywood and screwed it to the top of my new roll around tool chest to give me another work surface.  Looks and works great!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cleanup on isle 10 part 5

Success!  The garage is now ready!  WHEW!  That was a ton of work!

Here is an almost 180° panoramic photo of the new shop.  For perspective, that garage door is 16' wide.  Most of the time my wife's mini van will be in here as well.  When I need the space, it will be required to park outside.

Tools tables and toolboxes

 Over the weekend I continued to work on getting the garage back into airplane building mode.  I had this cart that my uncle gave me that he did not use.  It was the frame/cart for one of the Harbor Freight tool chest.  All he wanted was the box and he gave me the cart.  I used some leftover hardwood flooring to make a work surface and a shelf.  Should be handy at some point.

 I also added a hardwood shelf to the bottom of this workbench for storage.  My uncle and I built this bench when I was 9 years old!

I plan to keep most of my power tools mobile for this build.  Last time I had them all mounted solid to a bench or a stand of some sort.  This time I plan to just pull them out when needed to save space in the garage.

So I have a ton of tools that I needed to bring back from the hangar.  Most of my airtools, sheet metal tools, riveting tools, etc.  I moved all of that stuff to the hangar when I took the RV-7 there for final assembly.  Now it has to come back and I needed someplace to store most of it since my home tool box is full to the brim!  I had a super coupon for Harbor Freight's 5 drawer rolling tool chest and picked one up to augment my storage.  Say whatever you will about HF stuff but these US General tool chest are the best bang for the buck there is!

The grinder gets its own pedestal.   This thing is heavy!  It allows me to get long parts to the debur wheel easily!

The drill press came in handy on the last build.  I had to purchase a new band saw since I completely wore the old one out on the last build.  

Picked up a few more misc. items that I know I will need.  Roloc knockoffs from HF, plenty of Sharpies, swivels for the air tools, a new automatic center punch, an electric screwdriver for deburing, a number drill bit set so that I have all of them for the occasional odd size, an organic vapor rated respirator mask, a right angle die grinder for the Roloc pads, and finally my shipment of 3M cut and polish wheels for the die grinder/deburing!