Saturday, August 3, 2019

Inventory and started working on wings!

So my wife and I started today by completing the inventory on all the hardware and parts for the wing kit.  We just counted the parts and the bags of hardware.  I do not count each nut and bolt in each bag.  I just look at them and if they look about right then that is good enough.  A missing nut or screw here and there is not a deal breaker and not going to make or break this project.  I would rather spend my hours building vs counting every screw or nutplate.

All the parts and bags were accounted for. 

Next I got started with the spars.  These things are over 12' long and heavy!  Love the beautiful gold anodizing!  Amazing workmanship on these things!

 Important to know which side is fore and aft and which is top and bottom!  Don't want to make a mistake so I marked them on all four sides for easy ID!

 Next I deburred and finished the edges on the wing spar extensions.

 Did the same on the wing spar extension doubler plates.

 I then cleco'ed the extensions to the spars using the doubler plates.  I marked all 8 of them and their location.
 Then match drilled them all together. 

 Then I marked the 4ea J stiffener's @ 92.25"
 And cut them on the bandsaw.

 Next I marked 4 more J stiffeners @ 53.75".

 And cut them on the bandsaw.

Finally I spent some time deburring them and rounding the corners.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Storing Tail Cone and Emp Parts

So yesterday I totally disassembled the emp parts from the tail cone and loaded them in the truck and transported them to the hangar for storage.

Everything made the trip with no damage or lost parts :)

When I get time, I need to hang the parts up out of the way and get a table to leave the tail cone on to help prevent damage.  The cheap harbor freight blankets will do for now.