Monday, February 18, 2019

Back to work!

So after two rounds of sickness and a bunch of distraction working on this project:

This is a side project I am working on.  An open source HUD/Remote display powered by a $40 Raspberry Pi mini computer.  It uses the serial stream from an EFIS to provide the data.   I have been working on the display layout, creating the HSI, wind direction and AOA indicators, and created the data input module for the Garmin G3X serial stream.  After this video was made, I also added a turn/slip indicator at the bottom.

I am back to work on the tailcone.  I can't blame it all on sickness, I have been lazy and needed a bit of a break from the kit for a while.  Seems the second time around building, one realizes there is more to life than just building.  Breaks in the build will happen!

 Tonight I got started by clamping the right side longerons to the tailcone assembly.

 Then I drilled every other hole and cleco'ed em.  I moved around totally randomly so no twist was induced.

Then I went back and drilled the holes between the cleco's.