Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Drilling misc. tailcone bits

 Started tonight by separating these rudder stop skin stiffeners

 Then I cleco'ed them to the side skins.

 Next I fabricated the rudder stop brace.  It has angles on the ends.  Make sure you pay attention to which side of the angles the long dimension is referring to.

 Cut the angles on the angle on the band saw.  This is super easy with a sharp blade.

 Next I side grip cleco'ed the brace into position.  It goes under the skin stiffeners and against the bulkhead.

 Next I ensured the entire tail cone was straight using a level at the front and the back.

 Then I match drilled the bulkhead to the rudder stop brace.

Checked for no twist again and then drilled the rudder stop skin stiffeners to the rudder stop brace using a 12" #30 bit.

 Next I cleco'ed the baggage compartment bulkhead to the tail cone assembly.

 Cleco'ed the bulkhead to the bellcrank ribs.

 Match reamed the holes in the bulkhead and bellcrank ribs.

 Added and match reamed this long vertical channel to the assembly.

 Separated these various parts on the band saw.

 You end up with two bellcrank rib flanges/stiffeners and two bellcrank mounts to be used later.

 Final drilled (should have reamed) the nutplate mounting holes to full size on the bellcrank rib flanges.

 Then I countersunk the holes for the nutplates.

 Final reamed all the #12 holes on these parts full size.

 Final reaming the #12 holes on these longer flanges to final size.

 Cleco'ed the bellcrank rib flanges/stiffeners to the bellcrank ribs. One is longer than the other due to the vertical channel on the right side.

Final reamed the holes on these bellcrank ribs and flanges.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Left side tail cone stiffener drilling

All I did tonight was drill the left side skin to stiffener holes.  There are a bunch of them!  Just have to keep the lines in the center of the hole!

I did have to trim a bit of extra clearance around the relief cuts in the second to last bulkhead
(F-1011) in order to get the centerline in the middle of the hole and have the stiffener lay flat against the skin like it is suppose to.