Friday, August 17, 2018

Cleanup on isle 10 part 4

More of the same.  Another pickup load of stuff to the dump.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

3M PPS Accuspray Primer Gun

Received my new 3M PPS Accuspray Primer Gun.  This gun is intended to be easy to use and clean as well as high performing.  While I will only be using it for primer and maybe interior paint, I purchased this mostly for the priming of airframe parts.

The gun's man body is composite which is much different than the typical aluminum castings.  The spray nozzle is also made out of plastic which is also a major departure from the typical metal guns.

The body feels like it is high quality although you can tell it is composite since it us much lighter than typical metal guns.  The knobs are smooth and should work great for fine tuning the fluid flow and the fan pattern.

The gun comes with a flow restricting regulator and pressure gauge and the recommended pressure is at the gun when the trigger is pulled is 20psi for the 1.4mm and up spray nozzles.  Smaller nozzles are recommended at 24psi.

The gun is designed to use easily replaceable spray nozzles.  They are almost considered throw away and I assume many paint shops use them once and chuck them but many people report that they can last a good long time if you take care of them properly.  The Accuspray system has five different size nozzles available: 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm, 2 mm  The spray nozzles are clear to make it easy to see when they are clean.  They can be rotated up to 90° to get the spray pattern direction you want.  3M claims you can clean these nozzles with very little solvent.  We will see....

Next is the cup system.  This system is intended to be easy to clean (throw away the wetted parts), convenient in that you can mix right in the cup and a filter is built right into the lid.  The cup also allows paint to flow in all positions...even upside down!

It has a quick attach feature where it can connect to the spray nozzle with just a slight twist.

The cup system includes a mixing insert that is intended to be reusable.  It goes in the cup before installing the disposable cup liners.

The disposable cup liner goes in next.

The lids have built in filters.  You don't have to strain the paint with a separate filter.  The blue ones are 125 micron and the clear ones are 200 micron.

The PPS system cups, lids and inserts are available in several sizes.  micro (3oz), mini (6oz), midi (13.5oz), standard (22oz), and large (28oz).  Since the gun kit came with a standard size cup, I purchased a 50 pack of lids and liners.  Should be enough to cover my entire RV-10 build.

DRDT-2 Part 3

I received my "front end kit" that I purchased from a fellow VansAirforce forum member (sorry Paul).   The front end kit consist of the lever, cam action ram, machined adjustable top die holder, machined lower die holder, the return spring system, and the mounting hardware.  I just need to layout the holes precisely and drill and tap for the screws.  It is critical that the ram is perfectly aligned with the lower die holder.

The upper and lower die holder.  The top one is adjustable.

The hardware and return spring system.  This helps to pull the ram back up when the dimple is complete.

Cleanup on Isle 10 Part 3

More of the same.  Another pickup truck load of stuff hauled away.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Let the money spending begin!

Received my first shipment of consumables.  The two gallon kit of AKZO primer, a stock of #30 & #40 drill bits, some 12" bits since my old ones are dull and finally a couple reamers in #30 & # 40 sizes.  Some folks claim the reamers do a better job than drills for match drilling holes.  We will see???

I also received the spare 1.4mm 3M PPS Accuspray nozzles for my new paint gun.  They come 4 to a box.  Should be enough to get me thru the emp/tailcone kit.

Unfortunately my two cans were damaged due to the way Aircraft Spruce packed them in a box with no padding.  I have reached out to ACS for direction but I am afraid these seems will start to leak over time.  Looks like by now they would know how to pack this stuff so it can survive the shipping process.

Maybe I can get a couple empty cans from Lowes or something?

I have a new builder/serial number!

So I have a new RV-10 builder/serial number for my build.  It is #41942.

Anne-Marie at Van's confirms my kit is in the crating department being packed.  It won't be long now!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cleanup on isle 10 part 2

More of the same!  Cleaning and organizing but mostly throwing stuff away that has been collecting dust and in my way for years!  Hauled off another pickup truck load off to the dump!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Cleanup on isle 10

To build a plane, you have to have a workspace.  My garage is a disaster!  Spent 4 hours working on cleaning it up and hardly made a dent in it!  Most of the crap in there is garbage bound!  Some of it is going over to the hangar.  Reorganizing much of it and hopefully I will be able to keep room for my wife to park her van inside during most of the build.  Got to keep her happy!

For the first garbage haul, I filled up a full truck bed of stuff!

This stuff is going to the hangar for now.

Ordered Emp/Tail Cone kit and some tools and consumables

Today I filled out and sent Vans the official order form.  Whew this is gonna consume a lot of money and time!

While ordering from Van's, I went ahead and picked up some pro-seal for gluing in the foam pieces in the elevators, double sided construction tape for riveting the trailing edges of the elevators and rudders, and I picked up the Van's G3X Yaw Damper and Pitch Servo Install Kits for the RV-14 that can be used with slight modification with the RV-10.  It is best to install these items while the tailcone is wide open rather than waiting till later.

I also placed an order with Aircraft Spruce for the AKZO primer I plan to use on the parts.  This is a 2 gallon kit.   Also ordered some drill bits and reamers to replenish my stock.  I will go thru a ton of bits with this build.

Then went to Cleveland Aircraft Tool and picked up some 1" 3M Cut & Polish/Debur wheels for use with the die grinder.  I found that these things while pricey are the cats meow on deburing all the parts!

Then I went over to Amazon and picked up a spray gun kit from 3M.  This is one of the newish Accuspray PPS system guns.  It comes with these special paint cups that use disposable liners and lids with built in filters.   You can mix right in the cup, spray and then throw away the liner with little to no cleanup.  This gun also uses transparent spray nozzles that are easier to clean and you can toss when they get to cruddy.