Saturday, March 9, 2019

 Today  got started with the remaining drilling for the top skins.  I started with the aft J stiffener drilling.

 Then moved on the the middle section where you have one center one and one on each side.  It is kinda hard to keep these centerlines in the holes.  I jumped ahead of the directions and cleco'ed both skins on before drilling these stiffeners.  I recommend drilling the aft sections first before adding the front skin so you can reach in and help keep the lines in the center.  I managed fine but it added to the aggravation.

 Then the front section.
 Somehow I managed to build my RV-7 without drilling my fingers too many times.  I have already drilled them several times on the RV-10 :(

 Then I match reamed the skins to the longeron holes.

 And then match reamed all the skin to bulkhead holes.  WOW that is a ton of holes!

 Next I got started fabricating this angle piece that helps mount the HS to the tailcone. 
Marked the length and the angles on the ends.

 Used the bandsaw to make the cut.

 Then I marked these clipped angle end cuts.

 And here is the cut part after laying out the holes.  Do yourself a favor and layout the holes before you cut the angles on the ends.  The dims on the plans are from the long side of the part and after you cut the little angles on the ends, it harder to measure the part.  Doable yes but it would be easier to leave the ends square and cut them after the holes are marked.

 Drilled the holes with the drill press.

 Next I made a similar angle part that serves as the elevator travels stop.  Here I cut it to length and marked the angle cuts on the ends.
 And here I cut the angles on the ends.  (Should have layed out the holes first!)

 Marked and drilled the holes using the drill press.

Here is where the parts will live.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

 Tonight I flipped the tailcone back over.

 And cleco'ed this small bulkhead onto the assembly.

 Then match reamed the holes.

 Then I followed the directions and fluted the bulkhead flanges that have two holes in them.  Others skipped this step and found out that it was impossible to cleco the skins on. 

 Then I added the last three J stiffeners.

 And then I spent the next two hours cleco'ing on these two skins.  Yep it is a pain in the rear!

I remember doing similar skins on the RV-7.  It has not gotten any easier over the years!  I am still amazed that Van's engineering gets all these holes to align!

Monday, March 4, 2019

More EFIS to HUD project work

Latest video of where our project team is with the EFIS to HUD project.

Looks like we will be having a forum at Osh this year and possibly enter for the Founder's Innovation Prize.

This screen is modeled after an F18 HUD and includes a caged and uncaged version of the flight path marker.

Tail Cone Drilling!

Lots and lots and lots of match drilling and mostly match reaming tonight as I matched all the remaining skin to skeleton holes.

All done with that!  Now it is time to turn it all back over and match the top skins to the whole assembly.