Saturday, March 30, 2019

Tail Cone Priming Part #2

Scrubbed my fingers to the point of almost being unbearable.  My nails are rubbed off to the quick!  Anyway, I got all the misc. parts, the smaller bulkheads, the longerons, and the J stiffeners all primed today!   I still have the large bulkheads to go.  One more session and I should have it.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Tail Cone Priming Part #1

 After all the parts were deburred it was time to try my new air powered Jitterbug that I picked up at Harbor Freight.  Water and electricity don't mix so I could not use my electric one for this task.  Turns out it worked great!

Here is a quick video on how I am using it.  Wet the parts, sprinkle on some BonAmi and go to work.

Parts all prepped and waiting on them to dry.

This is how I mix up the AKZO for a priming session.  This stuff starts to separate rapidly so it is important to mix it good so the solids are in suspension.

First batch of parts all primed!  Sorry about the blurry pic!

Tail Cone Deburring Part #6

More deburring.  Almost all parts get the hole deburring, edge deburring with the ro-lock ripoff, 1" scotchbrite wheel in a die grinder, large scotchbrite wheel on a bench grinder, emory cloth, scotchbrite pads, various files, etc., etc., etc.....

Yes! That is a huge pile of parts!  Glad that is over!  For the wings, I may deburr as I go so as to not have such a huge pile to do all at once.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tail Cone Deburring Part #5

And even more deburring!

Here is the pile so far!  Man that is a ton of work!  One more day to go I think... Then primer!