Thursday, December 13, 2018

More Elevator Trim Tab Prep

 Got started tonight by folding over the closeout tabs per the directions (sorta) by clamping them with the hardwood cutouts left over from the V blocks I made.  The process is the same for all 4 ends so rinse and repeat.  Be sure to radius the edges of the block that serves as the form in this process to prevent cracks!

 Bottom tab goes first.  I just used my fingers to start the bend then a small straight wood block to get the trailing end to start to fold.  Then I just used a small, flat, and smooth hammer to sloooowly tap the tab down and into place making the bend nice and clean.  A thousand lite taps is better than a few heavy ones!

 Then the top one gets done the same way.  It just folds down over the bottom one.

 Then I drilled the closeout tab rivet holes per the directions.  One side...

Then the other side...

 Then I bent the bottom of the skin to the 15° angle called out in the directions.  I wish I had a brake for this but all I have is hand seamers so my results are just OK not spectacular.

 Then I worked on preparing the trim tab control horns.  These get made out of two parts that must be modified by cutting off one ear of the horn.  I assume these are used on two different setups so Van's has us modify them for the particular application we need them for.  Mark and cut...make sure to leave the edge distance to the hole!

 All cut....

 Then smoothed on the large 3M Scotchbrite wheel.

Then I match drilled the trim tab control horn assemblies to the trim tabs.

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