Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Elevator Trim Tab Prep...

 Started tonight by masking off the area that gets scuffed up where the foam ribs glue in.  This takes a while to do right.

 Scuffed the area with 150 grit per the directions.

 Next I pulled the tape off and replaced tape over the area just scuffed.  This area won't get primed later to keep it clean for the pro-seal to glue in the foam ribs.  I went ahead and taped it off and also scuffed up the entire inside of the skin for primer due to the fact that it will be more difficult after the next step of finishing the bend in the trailing edge of the skin.

 I used my homemade brake to finish the bend in the trailing edge of the skins.

Then I checked my work by cleco'ing in the spar and checking how the skin was sitting.  No pillowing, puckering, and they are straight.  A straightedge from spar to trailing edge checks for ski jumps or humps.  These came out great!

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