Thursday, October 25, 2018

Started the Elevators!

Little bit of work tonight after cleaning up the shop and hanging the HS up in the garage.

Started by getting these ribs ready to cut apart. 

 I marked each rib to separate on a line that gets drawn from edge of notch to edge of notch.

 All the ribs marked and ready for the bandsaw.

 When ahead and marked these shear clips for separation.

 Used the bandsaw to cut the ribs apart.  There is a tiny strip of scrap on both ends.

 Here is the pile of results!

 Then I cleco'ed them together in the proper orientation.

 And reamed the holes full size on the short side of the shear clips.

 And match reamed the four rivet holes for the two rib halves.  These are now married to each other forever.

Then I marked each pair of parts that form the ribs so I can keep them together till they are riveted.  The electric pencil works great for marking!

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