Monday, October 22, 2018

Horizontal Stabilizer done!

Finished riveting the HS tonight!

Finished the inspar flange to skin rivets on the bottom right side.

Reinserted the rear spar into the assembly.

Blind riveted the rear spar to the inspar ribs on all the ribs except the ones on the ends of the skin that are buckable.

Inserted the snap bushings.

Easiest task in the book!

Squeezed the rear spar to inboard most inspar rib flange rivets.

Cleco'ed the rear spar flange to skin holes.  Every other hole.

Squeezed every other rivet on the rear spar flange.

Then went back and filled in the holes with the rest.

Now that is one lazer straight HS!

All finished before pulling it out of the cradles.

All finished!  Obligatory pic!
Whew!  That was a bunch of work!

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