Monday, August 27, 2018

Geesh will the ordering never stop?

So just when I think I have everything I need on hand, I think of some more items that I will need.

While spending some time viewing other build blogs and videos I realize that I don't have enough cleco's.  I have 540ea 3/32" and 230ea 1/8" ones.

I decided to order 300 more 3/32" and 100 more 1/8" ones from Van's.  Van's seem to have a great price and my understanding is that they sell WedgeLoc brand which is what I have now and they have been great tools for me while building the RV-7.

I also ordered some misc hardware that I know Van's does not include with the kits but that are very handy to have.  I ordered some flush 3/32" pop rivets for the occasional impossible to set rivet that is on a skin somewhere.  I also got some various special nutplates for the occasional modification I may want to do.  One area that I know I want to use a nutplate is on the elevator trim cable attach bracket that is riveted to the aileron trim inspection cover.  My understanding is that if you rivet this bracket to the cover, it makes it very hard to deal with in the future.

I also picked up some oddball sized cleco's from Brown Tool.  I got 6ea of a #12, #16, #27, & 1/4" for the places where clecos help but having the right size is critical.  Think nuplates, brackets and other places like where #6, #8 screws and AN3 & 4 bolts go.  Picked up another pack of Snap-Socs for riveting the universal head rivets.  I learned to love these things when I was building my RV-7.  Helps prevent smiles and damage to the parts around the rivets.

Realized I have lost my 3/32" cupped rivet set for the squeezer so I picked up another one of those from Brown Tool as well.

Finally I ordered the specialized RV-10 bucking bar from Cleveland Tool.  This thing is expensive for what it is but I don't want to use pop rivets on my elevator skins if I can keep from it and this tool while it looks easy to make, I just decided to buy one ready to go.

Picture courtesy of Cleveland Aircraft Tools
Also got a new set of Pop Rivet Dimple Dies from Cleveland.  The ones I had for the RV-7 never worked that well.  Were cheaply made and are all rusted up.  I decided to only purchase the 3/32" size since I really don't foresee any reason to need a 1/8" one.

Picture courtesy of Cleveland Aircraft Tools

And finally I remembered that it would be a great idea to go ahead and install the static ports in the tail cone while it is all wide open.  I decided to use the Cleveland Tool static ports and got their kit for plumbing it all up.  I have had great luck so far with these types of tubes and fittings in my RV-7.

Picture courtesy of Cleveland Aircraft Tools

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