Monday, August 27, 2018

Emp kit at home, Damage Assessment & Inventory

So it was easy peasy to transport the kit from my work to my house which is only 6 minutes away!

My uncle, my wife, and I slid the crate out and onto the floor.

I was anxious to get the crate open and look for hidden damage due to the outside of the crate being obviously damaged.   Typical Van's, they do an awesome job of packing these kits.  Tons of packing paper!

My wife loves to get me bent over working in awkward positions!

 So far so good.  Amazed that there is no damage yet.  Also amazed at the amount and the strength of the duck tape that Van's uses to pack these kits.  It is almost impossible to pull apart.  Ends up ripping up much of the blue film protecting the parts.  Seems like they are using much more now than what they did with my RV-7 build.

Still going!  There is a ton of parts crammed in there everywhere!
Using all the horizontal space I have in the garage to store the parts as they come out of the crate.  These still have to be unwrapped and inventoried.

 Found my first sign of damage with the F-1073-L which is one of the tailcone side skins.  I am not sure this damage was caused by ABF since it is on the side of the crate with no external damage.  This looks like it was damaged at Van's before it went into the crate.

No big deal though.  I was able to use my sheet metal skills to slowly work out that dent and now you can't hardly tell it was ever there.  No sense going thru all the pain and agony of dealing with getting a replacement for something that I can fix myself for nothing but a little time.  The crate alone to ship a new one would cost Van's a ton not to mention the shipping.   I am all about helping Van's keep their cost down which helps builders keep theirs down as well!

 Shantel helped me do the inventory and we banged it out fast!
 Tons of sub kits or packages of parts that are grouped together.  Amazing how once you cut the shrink wrap how the parts seem to multiply!  They sure know how to nest the parts!

Paper and more paper.  I filled up 3 large trash bags full of paper!
 I modified the crate to store the skins.  I need to keep space available so my wife can park her van in the garage.  This was the best I could come up with.

Those sub kits explode into many many many piles of parts!

 More parts!

Even more parts!  These are some long parts!  I am amazed at how much bigger everything is vs the RV-7 I built.  The tailcone side skins alone are almost as long as the RV-7's entire fuse.  I can see why this kit is so much more expensive than the RV-7 emp kit.  This thing has a ton more parts!

 More parts and some extra sheet stock that Van's provides.

Inventory complete!  I was only missing 2 parts!  The WD-415 elevator trim anchor brackets!  Amazing that Van's can pack and ship all this stuff and only miss 2 parts (2 of the same thing)!

Let the fun begin!  Step one..... Nice touch that Van's provides a cover for the plans!

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