Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Tools, Consumables and Misc Elevator Stuff

 Tonight I got started by building this break tool from some oak boards and a piano hinge from Lowes.  Wanted it to be nicer than the one I used for the RV-7.  Success!

 This gets used to finish the bend in the trailing edge of the elevator trim tabs.

 You put them in here and squeeze it down just the right amount.

 I had to purchase another scale tonight since I am close to needing to open the black death.  The wife sold the one I used with the RV-7 in a yard sale sometime in the past 10 years.  :(

 Next I followed the direction and got some spray glue for the templates that get glued to the foam rib stock for the foam elevator ribs.

 All glued and drying.

 Then I match drilled two aluminum angles to serve as trailing edge straightening devices.  Not sure if I am going to pro-seal them or use the VHB tape like I did for the rudder.

 Next I countersunk the AEX trailing edge wedges for each elevator.  Somehow I did not do them when I was suppose to.

All cleco'ed awaiting the next step...

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