Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Horizontal Stabilizer Support Fixture

 Tonight I had only a short time to work so I built the fixture required to support the HS during riveting.  I copied something similar to what Jason Ellis used.  Just some scrap 2x6's and some ripped 2x4's.  The uprights are 1.5"x1.5"x18" long.  The bases are 2x6's 24" long.  Nothing special!

 I don't want any chance of the edges of the uprights to put a dent or crease in the skins so I rounded them on the belt sander.

 Here they are all screwed together.  I put the uprights set in 6" from the ends of the bases, centered on the width.

Then I added the support slings to each upright.  I measured the droop to ensure they were all at the same length to properly support and share the load.  I screwed them to the uprights with sheet rock screws.  I used a ratchet strap's webbing to make the slings.  Overkill but that is all I could find and these straps are cheap.  Lowes did not have any other kind of webbing.  I only used a short part of the ratchet strap so I have plenty left for its original purpose.  Finally I wrapped the top of each one with some electrical tape just to keep the webbing centered as it comes across the tops of the uprights.

Looks like they will work great for the purpose they are intended for!

That's all for tonight folks.

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