Friday, October 5, 2018

Horizontal Stabilizer Cleco'ed together for drilling!

 Got myself two more countersink cages so I can leave them setup for #30, #40, and have one for misc. holes.  This should save some time in the end.

 Then I had the pleasure of removing the blue film from the inside of the HS skins.

 Got the HS skins all setup in the cradles I made.

 Then I cleco'ed in the front ribs.  Takes some patience and there is a ton of pressure pulling these sides apart.  Be careful not to make any dents, dings, or creases in the skin.

 Next I added in the front spar and cleco'ed it to the nose ribs.

 Then I cleco'ed all the front spar flange holes to the skin.

 Cleco'ed two sets of stringers out of the parts I made a while back.

 Match reamed the outboard 5 holes on each end of the stringer assemblies.

 Added the stringers to the assembly.  Just had to make sure it was aligned properly and it fell right in.

 Next comes this stringer web to the assembly.

And finally used almost all of my 3/32" cleco's to cleco in the inspar ribs and the rear spar flanges to the skin.  I had to only cleco every 4th hole on the spar. I have about 840 ea of the 3/32" cleco's and I only have about 20 left in the bucket so I have about 820 in this assembly at this point not counting the 1/8" ones.

I know I don't have to put one in every hole but I like to uses as many as possible since I have them.  It can't hurt but might help keep everything straight and true.  Just takes time and makes my hands sore!

That's all for today.  Tomorrow I hope to get all the holes match reamed!

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