Thursday, May 30, 2019

Waiting on wings

I did not die.....

Just waiting on the wing kit to arrive.

I made the final payment today and crating is scheduled for the 6/17/19.

I have a couple more things I can do to the tail kit but I am dragging my feet.  Vacation next week so no progress will happen till after.

Later gator!


I did forget to post these pics of me drilling the elevator horns:

 Temp installed the left elevator.  Sanded down the drill bushing and put it in the center bearing.

 Used it to drill the left elevator horn.

 Switched sides and drilled the right elevator horn.

 Then I upsized the hole to almost 1/4" and then final reamed the hole to exactly 1/4" on both sides.

 Deburred the holes.

Deburred the other side.

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