Monday, May 6, 2019

Mounting the empennage to the tail cone #1

 Got started today with deburring the VS to HS front spar mount.  I still can't believe that this is all there is that holds the VS's front spar to the plane.....  I also fabricated the HS stab front spar mount spacers per the plans.  I used the band saw to cut em out.

 Next I match reamed the VS front spar mount plate to the HS front spar with a #12 reamer.

Next I reamed the top bolt hole to 1/4" full size.

 Then I deburred all the holes.

 HS front spar hole deburring.

 The back side...

 Then I went ahead and started prepping for drilling the HS mount holes onto the tailcone.  I placed the HS on the tailcone with the spacers I fabricated.  I used some straps to ensure the whole thing remains level and can't fall over.

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