Thursday, December 20, 2018

Started Tail Cone!

 Started the tail cone by marking this AEX tie down stock for trimming.  I need to get a tap from Lowes before I can tap it.  All marked up.

 Used the bandsaw to cut it.  Unfortunately I ruined my metal cutting blade the other day by attempting to cut a small piece of old pressure treated wood.  Big mistake! I totally wrecked this blade.  Got to get a new one.  I managed to hack my way thru this stock.

 All cut and ready to drill in place.

 Marked for drilling.

 Clamped the tie down stock to the other side of this assembly and centered the lines I just drew in the holes.
 Then drilled the #30 holes.

 And then drilled the 3/16 holes.

Marked up this angle but I am going to stop here tonight since I need a new blade for the saw!

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