Saturday, November 24, 2018

Elevator Dimpling and Assembly

 Dimpled the front spar flanges of each elevator front spar.

 Dimpled the rear spar flanges of each elevator rear spar

 Dimpled the front spar webs where the inboard root rib attaches using 3/32 dies.  Did both spars.

 Dimpled the rear spar webs where the inboard root rib attaches using 3/32 dies.  Did both spars.

 Dimpled the flanges of the root rib for the skins.  Did both root ribs.

 Dimpled the root rib flanges that attach to the front and rear spars.  Had to use the pop rivet dimple dies for this due to no clearance.  Van's offers no advice on how to dimple these.

 Dimpled the inboard shear clips for both elevators using special dies made for 120° pop rivets.

 Dimpled the rib flanges for the skins.

 Dimpled the trim tab cable closeout cover reinforcement plate for the skins.

 Dimpled the tip rib flanges for the skins.

 Dimpled the inboard tip rib flanges for the skins.

 Dimpled these two holes for the tip rib assembly where flush rivets go to clear the counterweight.

 Same two holes on the matching parts of the tip rib assembly.

  I dimpled both of the counterbalance skins less the fairing attach holes.

 Riveted the inboard tip rib to the outboard tip rib on both elevators.  Had to use the longeron yoke for these.

 The front two rivets are flush.  Here they are all attached and riveted together.

 Then I riveted the counterweight skin to the tip ribs.  You start in the front and work your way around both sides.

Two tip rib assemblies ready to go!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Primed Elevator Parts

After a couple hours of scratching everything with maroon scotchbrite followed by an acetone wipedown (trying new prep method) the elevator skeleton parts are primed.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Elevator skin priming!

I did not have much time but I managed to get the elevator skins primed this morning before heading off to eat like a pig at multiple locations.

I hope to get the rest of the elevator parts primed tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Elevator Skin Deburing

Today I finished deburring all of the elevator skin holes and edges.

 First I knocked out these elevator hinge doublers.  Deburred the holes.

 And cleaned up the edges on the big scotchbrite wheel.

 Next I pulled the blue film from the outside surfaces of all the elevator skins.

 Then deburred all the holes in the skins.  There are a ton of holes!

 And then cleaned up all the edges of the skins using files, emery cloth, scotchbrite pads and these roloc pads on a die grinder.  Works great, just takes time!

Then I covered up the edge where the AEX trailing edge wedge piece goes and also covered the area where the foam ribs get pro-sealed into the assembly. 

Monday, November 19, 2018


Well I was on a roll then life got in the way.

No progress in almost two weeks.....

We have had business trips, college evaluation trips and our chapter hosted the B-17 tour from Thursday till Sunday last week and it totally took all my free time this past weekend.

Hopefully I can get the elevators primed Wednesday night so I can start assembly this weekend.

Got my elevator trim cable mounts and some pro-seal and more clecos in the mail last week....