Thursday, November 8, 2018

Elevator hole deburring

I spent 3.5 hours deburring holes in all the parts of the elevators.  I am still not done with the skins.
This takes forever and I use power tools!

I am headed out of town till Saturday evening.  Then on Monday I have to go to a work conference until Wednesday.

Not much work going to get done since I won't be here :(

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

More deburring

Tonight I deburred the right elevator parts and countersunk the rear spar holes like the left side.

Here is the pile of parts:

Monday, November 5, 2018

Elevator Deburring

Lots of deburring of the left elevator parts tonight.

 This pile of parts got the large scotchbrite wheel treatment tonight.  Next is fine deburring around the larger holes, flange notches, and then final hole deburring.

 I also did the countersinking of the inboard 29 holes on the top of the rear spar for the left elevator.  The countersinks go deeper than the spar is thick so you need to back up the cutter with some scrap.  Easy enough....

 The reason these holes are countersunk is because the elevator trim tab hinge gets riveted to the underside of the rear spar's top flange.  The skin dimples fit into the countersink so the hinge can sit flush on the spar flange.  The hinge is really soft stuff that would be hard to dimple and rivet properly so it remains flat.